Jersey Alliance Party Announces New Candidate Mary O’Keeffe

19 August 2021

The largest new political party joining forces for the 2022 election announced business woman and charity leader Mary O’Keeffe as its latest candidate today.

An active charity worker, Mary was a non-executive director on the board of the Jersey Opera House for ten years, on the board of the Jersey Cheshire homes and vice chair of Crimestoppers Jersey. No stranger to politics, Mary stood in the past as Deputy of St Saviour. She also spent a term as a Centenier for her Parish.

The launch of the new party was the opportunity Mary was looking for to re-enter politics in the Island. She explained: “I was delighted to have been approached by the Jersey Alliance to join their party. I am already familiar with the world of Jersey politics and I knew that this would be a good fit for me”.

On choosing the Jersey Alliance Party she commented: “I am a believer in positive politics. We have all witnessed the destruction of negativity in politics and it is ugly. We want to be an open and communicative party and hope people will listen.”

Having had broad experience in a number of different sectors, Mary brings many skills to the table. “I am no stranger to the business world of Jersey having had a previous career in healthcare, the arts and property, Mary said. “I have nearly always been self-employed so when policies are being discussed I will always consider the impact they will have on local businesses. I also believe in extending our global links and working with other jurisdictions. Since Brexit we have learnt that our horizons must be expanded, and we need to keep our vision focused and outward looking”.

On the move towards party politics Mary believes that working together as a team is more efficient and collaborative and it can only be a positive move. She said: “Being an independent candidate can be very lonely. You go door to door and set out your stall of propositions knowing that they would be almost impossible to achieve on your own.

“The difference so far has been amazing. The support and communication between each of us is terrific. This is a party with a strategic vision and realistic plans for achieving it. We are socially liberal but fiscally prudent, in other words, we want a government that is both effective and efficient. We are also mindful of Jersey’s unique heritage, like the Parish system, and want to protect it.

“This is the government of the future, and I am proud to be part of it. Jersey is the best place to live in. Let’s keep it that way”.

As a party that is keen to represent the interests of all Islanders, with already a large and growing pool of experienced professionals, the Jersey Alliance welcomes supporters and candidates with new skills and talents to add to the team. Anyone interested in learning more about the party, its policies and how to stand as a candidate should email or contact the Party Secretary at or via the Facebook page @jerseyalliance or Instagram @jerseyallianceCI.