Jersey Alliance Party Launches Mentoring Scheme

20 October 2021

The Jersey Alliance Party is the first party to offer a formal mentoring scheme to support those joining them as candidates. The party is hoping that this scheme will help more people from outside the current political population to get involved so that the new government better represents the Island’s population.

It hopes that this scheme will offer a helping hand for those who might otherwise have thought that a career in politics was not for them. As a party, the Jersey Alliance welcomes anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, background etc. and its members hope by doing this, more people will step up and be heard in the new government of 2021.

“Standing as a candidate can be daunting for those seeking to get involved but are new to political life – its workings, machinations and its challenges” said Chairman Gregory Guida. “Candidates of the Alliance participate in policy and decision making from the start in an open and welcoming environment. As a party we promote positive politics in all that we do and provide a collaborative approach that’s inclusive and friendly”.

The Jersey Alliance Mentoring Scheme will support its members’ campaign by:

  • Raising funds for them
  • Providing a pan-island strategy and helping place candidates in the constituencies where they have the best chances of success, but also respecting their wishes in that respect
  • Helping candidates fill their declarations, checking them and providing seconders where needed
  • Providing common marketing material advertising both for the Alliance and the specific candidates: web site, press and social media advertisements, posters and leaflets
  • Mentoring and training new candidates for hustings and other public appearances
  • Maintaining a constant presence in the media prior to the elections
  • As far as possible, by protecting candidates against legal action linked to the elections and closing ranks when one of its members is unjustly attacked
  • Building a government template before the elections by making the best use of our members experience and capabilities

For more information on how to get involved or find out more about the mentoring scheme, please get in touch at We want to welcome you!