Jersey’s Domestic Violence Laws Face Overhaul

14 October 2021

The Jersey Alliance Party are delighted that preventing domestic violence and empowering victims took a huge leap forward this week. New legislation has been drafted that, if passed following consultation, will help protect victims and potentially prevent some of these horrific, but unfortunately, common offences.

This draft law is part of a broader package of measures intended to modernise Jersey’s approach to managing criminal offences, and to bring processes up to international standards.

Chairman of the Jersey Alliance and Home Affairs minister, Gregory Guida was instrumental in the design and detail of this landmark piece of legislation. “We are finally seeing the end of the tunnel on the domestic violence law,” Gregory said. “Jersey has been able to live without one until now by stretching the definition of assault. But it is time to have a law that properly defines domestic violence as an offence”.

The new law will do that. It will also expand the notion of violence around coercion and controlling behaviour. It will add quick reaction defensive tools such as protection notices which can be used by the police even before a court decision is made.

Finally, the new law will probably include the creation of a register to protect potential victims from prolific, repeat offenders.

“The consultation on the law has just started and all those interested are encouraged to participate” Gregory said. “We are especially eager to involve past victims of abuse to help us design the tools necessary to protect them and others in the future”.

The Jersey Alliance Party would also like to hear from anyone wishing to comment on the proposed legislation. You can get in touch by emailing

For more information on the proposed domestic violence legislation and the consultation process go to: