Leading environmentalist Piers Sangan joins Jersey Alliance Party

08 September 2021

One of Jersey’s leading ecologists and environmentalists, Piers Sangan has announced that he is the latest candidate for the Island’s largest political party, the Jersey Alliance. A professional ecologist, Piers has worked alongside and supported many of the island’s organisations and industries to protect our island’s biodiversity.

Piers was responsible for the creation and implementation of conservation management plans for our island’s Sites of Special Interest at Grouville Marsh and has been working with Jersey Dairy to achieve LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) marque accreditation. He sits on the LEAF technical advisory committee for developing the standards to guide agricultural industries in twenty-seven different countries.

Jersey Alliance is delighted to welcome someone of his calibre into the party. Piers said: “I have become frustrated with empty promises of environmental protection from politicians on all sides over the years, where the term is used as a buzzword but nothing more. The environment cannot be side-lined to a ‘dash of environmentalism’ for good measure. Focussing on climate change alone is not enough. Our environment encompasses everything from soil, water, light, air, the built environment and biodiversity. Protection of green space is no longer enough, and we need to act, not just to protect, but to enhance and restore our natural environment.

“Our island’s biodiversity is under threat with several species going locally extinct during my lifetime and many more are hanging on by a thread.”

Piers is also very keen to support our local agricultural sector and small businesses as part of his political focus. He chose to join the Jersey Alliance as, with the environment as core to its values and policies it would support his objectives as a prospective candidate. He hopes to provide the professional knowledge required to help drive real and effective environmental changes for our island.

“As a local ecologist who works with many of our islands protected species, I am very aware of the declining state of our natural environment and the conflicts that arise within different sectors” Piers explained.

The Jersey Alliance has already declared its goal of aiming for a majority in the Government to ensure it can bring its visions to fruition which would be a lot more difficult as an independent set of candidates. This goal also means that there will be a lot of new faces joining, all of whom will be bringing their ideas and working as a collective to make a real difference to the island.

Piers said: “I particularly hope that being a new face in politics will encourage other members of our community to consider stepping up as prospective candidates. I look forward to the coming year and talking with all islanders and particularly those in my prospective district of St Brelade”.

Piers encourages anyone who has considered or is considering becoming a potential candidate to view this next election as a golden opportunity to enter Jersey politics. If you feel you would like the opportunity to try and make a difference to our amazing island, please get in contact with the Jersey Alliance at hello@jerseyalliance.je or register as a member on www.jerseyalliance.je.