Policy Papers

On June 22nd 2022 the people of Jersey will elect members of the States Assembly. For the first time in many years party politics will play a significant part in the campaign. This will mean that voters will know who their representatives will vote for as Chief Minister and what policies they will be supporting.

During the first months of 2022 the Alliance will publish a series of policy papers that will form the basis of our election manifesto. As they are released, these papers will be available to view below.

Policy Principles


The Jersey Alliance believes that a vibrant economy is vital to the wellbeing of all islanders. We will support existing business by keeping Jersey open to the outside world and continue to promote new businesses in fields such as information technology and sciences. The Alliance is clear that Jersey’s agile and nimble legislature and its system of low, broad and fair taxation are the foundation of its economic success, adaptability and resilience. The Alliance understands the need to balance the demands of our economy with the finite resources of an island community and we believe in aiming for long-term financial sustainability. The Alliance wants to support our many local entrepreneurs and welcomes successful ones from abroad who integrate in the community and bring their expertise and enthusiasm to our economy.


House prices in Jersey have risen to an unacceptably high level, caused by rising demand and restrictions on supply. The Alliance will tackle the problem from both ends.  Demand will be constrained by strict immigration controls. Supply will be increased by accelerating the programme of building affordable homes, allowing higher densities in St Helier and reforming the planning system so that it operates faster and more efficiently and is fully aligned with housing policy. First-time buyers will be helped by schemes such as those currently run by Andium Homes and the Jersey Development Company. Low-income tenants will be supported both by income support and by rents of social landlords being held significantly below market levels.

Health, Education, and Social Security

The Jersey Alliance believes that quality, well-targeted, affordable educational and retraining opportunities for young and old, both from the public and private sector is the foundation to the island’s future. They are essential for achieving Jersey’s economic goals while maintaining population control as the island must develop the workforce it needs for today and in the future. 

The Jersey Alliance is also clear that mutual aid and protecting and supporting the vulnerable, leaving nobody behind is an intrinsic part of Jersey’s culture. We need a first-class health system and a fair system of social security that helps and supports people when they need it. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to develop to the best of their abilities.


The Jersey Alliance acknowledges that our island’s historic agriculture and fisheries have helped shape the natural environment seen today and that supporting sustainable agriculture and fisheries will protect and enhance our environment for the future. Protection of our existing coastline, marine and terrestrial habitats including agricultural is paramount but we also recognise the importance of working to enhance natural and anthropogenic environments to promote biodiversity and ecosystem services. We believe that for our environment to thrive we must also focus on restoring habitats through concepts such as rewilding not only to benefit our natural environment but to enhance the quality of life and mental wellbeing of islanders.

The Biodiversity and Climate Emergency

We recognise the threats and challenges that a changing climate will bring to our island. We wish to advance a goal of carbon neutrality that can be achieved with holistic solutions that are practical, achievable and enhance the quality of life for islanders. The Jersey Alliance is committed to addressing and reducing pollution from humans into the environment, including chemicals, light and waste. We acknowledge that sustainable transport solutions are needed and support the move towards greener alternatives.

Urban Development

The Alliance appreciate the challenges of balancing the need for the development of housing and urban improvements with the natural environment. We support the use of greener and innovative construction materials and methods that can help to reduce the environmental impact of development, such as Biodiversity Net Gain to provide new habitats for wildlife, enhance our urban environments and help to reduce pollution.

Our Island

The members of the Jersey Alliance believe in protecting Jersey’s uniqueness, our own language and culture. It hopes to improve the collaboration between the Crown Dependencies but to also turn further towards our neighbours Brittany and Normandy. We want to keep the independence of the Parishes and foster our unique honorary services, maintain the Bailiff as Civic head of the States and speaker of the Chamber and promote and maintain a Strong Parish System and Links. The Jersey Alliance believes that a carefully managed population control is vital to retain Jersey’s open spaces and quality of life.

Detailed policies, based on these principles, are being developed through research and consultation.

They will be published during the first quarter of 2022