The Alliance Plan

15 September 2021

We are an Alliance. We are an alliance because we have the same goal: to do what is best for Jersey without being dogmatic and without self-interest. We are also an alliance because we know we can work together as a team.

Belonging to this group doesn’t fundamentally change us. We are the same people we were six months ago and, for those of us already in the Assembly, we are the same politicians, with the same views and the same responsibilities. Belonging to the Alliance doesn’t mean we are going to instantly change and become someone else or believe in something else.

A few of us, now a minority within the Alliance, are tasked with delivering the Government Plan. This plan is developed by the whole government and sanctioned by the Assembly. Belonging to The Alliance does not change that. We will deliver the Government Plan; it is our job and responsibility.

We also believe it is a good Government Plan. It is ambitious, it looks far ahead, it tries to be efficient, but it is also ready to put the necessary resources in all the most pressing priorities: housing, education, health. This plan also tackles some of the largest problems ever faced by Jersey: the pandemic, Brexit, Our Hospital, the climate emergency, and it manages to do it without dramatically increasing taxes or squandering our reserves. We are quite proud of it.

In the very near future, we will publish our own plan: the Jersey Alliance Plan. We can call it a plan because it will be much more than a manifesto. Thanks to the professional calibre and extensive experience of the members of the Alliance, we can go much further than just vague promises; we can explain exactly what we will do and how we will do it. This plan will describe in detail what we intend to do and who will do it. We have the specialists; we have the experience, and we will make full use of those remarkable people.

When it comes to the vote, choosing an Alliance member will get you a whole team, a team of sensible, highly experienced people who can already work as a united team to deliver what is needed for the Island.